The Pixie Project Joins DeltaFusion Workshops

Kids from the Pixie Project in Stockton are learning to make masks and papier mache puppets at the DeltaFusion workshops.

“DeltaFusion is going very well this week. Every day the children are coming and working and playing and creating so joyfully.  It’s like “TeamPixie”.  We have a well oiled, grooving team of kids working and cheering together.  They are what our mission statement says.  And this comes out of all of us working together to create this. Thank you so much,” Annie Hughes, director and teacher for the Pixie Project.
The Pixie Project‘s mission is to create a positive impact on underprivileged youth by exposing them to visual, literary and performing arts in order to provide enrichment, enjoyment of the arts and enhanced self expression. Participation in the Pixie Project will further provide youth with a safe environment to experience mentorship, develop social skills, self esteem, responsibility and the potential to grow into future leaders.  Their hope is that ultimately, these activities will act as a catalyst to propel youth towards creating value in their lives rather than gravitating toward destructive influences.

About DeltaFusion Stockton

DeltaFusion is a celebration of the diverse natural and cultural heritage of Stockton, California and the San Joaquin County Delta region. Using giant puppets, masks, music, and pageantry, DeltaFusion continues to tell the story of how these cultures were drawn to settle in our area and thrive there today.
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One Response to The Pixie Project Joins DeltaFusion Workshops

  1. Annie Hughes says:

    Each day has been magic and discovery with the kids and I am so proud to be a witness and participant of this. Our Pixie Project has been working wth kids for several years and these 3 weeks with DeltaFusion has taken our work and created the icing on the cake. It’s like you are the missing piece to our puzzle. You slid in that missing piece this week and everyone is alive and vibrant. Thank you.

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