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  1. DeltaFusion Stockton says:

    Get involved with DeltaFusion 2012. First information session is on February 25 at 3:30 pm, at the Haggin Museum, Stockton. Participation is free.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How do we sign up?

  3. DeltaFusion Stockton says:

    No need to sign up. Just come to the Molloy Education Center at the Haggin Museum on February 25 or March 24.

  4. DeltaFusion Stockton says:

    Next informational meeting is on March 24 at the Haggin Museum. Mark your calendar.

  5. DeltaFusion Stockton says:

    DeltaFusion will participate this Saturday, March 3 in the Sustainability Forum at the Civic Auditorium. We’ll have a booth with a display of some of the last year’s masks and puppets as well as info on how to become a DeltaFusion volunteer or a sponsor. Stop by to participate in the discussion about the future of the Delta. The Forum is free and open to the public.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My kids are 10 and 12. How can we get them involved in the performance?

  7. Hi there – we would love to have your kids involved in the performance. Workshop enrollment (FREE!) is through the Haggin Museum. Please visit our website: and look under the Education tab for Summer Art Workshop/DeltaFusion. You can download the form (one for each child please) and send it in or drop it off!

  8. Annie Hughes says:

    Ah, Day Two of DeltaFusion. GoodGoodGood! The Ladybugs are coming and in comes the Fog. I’m so curious to see and experience this creation and building of DeltaFusion, Year 3. It’s not to be missed, so come on by the DeMarcus Brown Theater Arts Building on the UOP campus.

  9. Annie Hughes says:

    Nobody seems to be living here this year. We’re certainly living in the theater arts building, making our creatures, walking on stilts, creeping and crouching like bugs. Did I mention hands and arms in the glue pots again this year? Yes, life goes on in the making of the giant puppets again on Day 6 of DeltaFusion.

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